Discussion of LGBTQ Issues at MO Annual Conference

Hey, MO Annual Conference delegates! Want to learn ways to discuss LGBTQ issues in your church? Join the MO Conference Reconciling Team on Fri. night, June 3, University Plaza Hotel - Illinois Room at 5:30 p.m. It's our belief that whatever comes out of the Council of Bishops' Commission will require dialogue among us, so learn how to get started. This gathering will focus on resources available and what you can take back to your churches (not in-depth discussions). Traditionalists and progressives welcomed, clergy and laity. 

If you have questions, look for members of the Reconciling Team, we'll be the folks with the 'rainbow t-shirts'.  

Invite your friends and fellow Annual Conference delegates to join in the discussion, Friday, June 3rd, University Plaza Hotel, Illinois Room at 5:30 pm.

— Trish Gunby